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Our mission

Our mission is to deliver on-time, fully functional applications that exceed our clients' expectations and provide them with a useful tool or product for increasing their financial success.

To succeed in this mission, we include our clients in our project planning and implementation by providing timely updates and status checks where we validate our progress against the expectations of our clients.

So whether we are building a website, constructing a new enterprise database or developing an interactive application, our mission always remains to make our clients more successful in their own business.

Our strategy?

Our strategy for all our clients is straightforward and simple. We work directly with our clients to develop their requirements.

Many IT firms require detailed requirements documents from their customers before work can begin. We recognize, however, that sometimes it's difficult to put down on paper exactly what you want.

That's why we start our software development process with simply asking you to create a wish list of what you would like to have, and then we work with you to translate that into a workable Requirements Document.

Our Philosophy

The bottom line is that every business is in business to generate revenue and make a profit.

Our philosophy is what drives our mission and our strategy. We believe that we will be successful and profitable if our clients are successful and profitable.

This is why we don't look at clients as one and done project opportunities. We look to build a long-term relationship with our clients. This allows us to become pro-active in delivering solutions before problems hinder business.

Our team


Founder & Technology Specialist

“If you're passionate about what you do, it will show in the quality of your work!”


Sales & Social Media Manager

We respect the fact that our clients are running a business too.”


WordPress & HTML Specialist

“There is no WordPress template that cannot be configured to exact specifications.”


Database Specialist

“Data must be carefully managed at all times!”


Front-end Specialist

“There's no reason things shouldn't look nice!”


QA/Test Specialist

“Break it. Fix it. Break it. Make it perfect!”

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thoughts from our team

Innovation for innovation's sake alone is not good enough. After all the trials, failures and then finally success is reached, the end result must provide a tangible benefit to your users.


Thoughts on innvation
There's a lot of satisfaction after working with a new template and getting it configured perfectly as the client is looking for.


Making things look cool
Breaking things is fun! It helps you perfect your product but also helps you put yourself in your users' shoes.


On the importance of testing
It's important to remain disciplined and focus on requirements. The customer won't pay for what they did not request. And delivery delays due to scope creep hurt everyone.


Proper project management