Do you need custom software?

There are many pre-packaged off the shelf solutions out there that try to fit everyone's needs. Sometimes, however, what you really need, is a solution that has been custom created for your specific business requirements and your in-house data.

One size does not always fit all!

If you need an application built that does EXACTLY what you need it to do, we will work hand in hand with you through the entire project cycle to ensure that every item on your "application wish list" is checked off.

Custom reports

Does your business work with a lot of data, but you have no user friendly solution for reading and interpreting that data in a way that makes common sense?

We can take your data and format it to your specifications: Excel spreadsheets, PDF Reports, online Web Report.

We can also build custom interface to allow you to do ad hoc reporting using a variety of custom filters defined specifically for your business needs.

To the Cloud?

Cloud computing and cloud storage has become the new trend as it shifts the expensive costs of hardware purchasing and maintenance off the customer and provides 24/7 access to data from any location in the world.

After careful analysis of your business requirements, we can help you determine if a Cloud based solution is the right choice for you, or if a traditional in-house hosted solution makes more sense.

Our software development methodology

There are many different methodologies for designing, coding and delivering software based solutions. A lot of IT shops follow the latest trends and speak all the buzzwords. We follow the tried and proven step by step logical order of the software development lifecycle.

  • Gather
  • Analyze
  • Design
  • Develop
  • QA/Test
  • Deploy
  • Maintain