Website Design

Do you need a new website for your business? Do you have an outdated website that needs a new fresh look? We build websites from scratch as well as take over existing websites and transform them into new vibrant sites that will give your company an "online face-lift".

Sometimes a fresh new look is needed to refocus your exiting clients on what services you offer and to attract new customers to your brand.

Web Applications

Web Applications allow you to bring interactive functionality to your users through an interface that they are comfortable and familiar with; their Internet browser.

Whether you require an online application accessible to your clients world-wide or an Intranet (internal) website that helps your employees work efficiently with company databases, we can help you define your requirements and deliver an easy to use solution.

Our methodology for designing websites.

The key to a great website is to make sure it fits both the audience and their needs. There is such a thing as too little information, but also such a thing as too much information. If your audience needs interactive content with pictures and diagrams, give it to them. But if they need information in a straightforward manner with no distractions, then give that to them.

  • HTML5
  • Bootstrap
  • PHP
  • JQuery
  • WebForms

Keys to a great website

Should be visually attractive
You never get a second chance to make a first impression. A visually boring or confusing site will send users away before they even look at your content. You may have the best content in your domain but if you don't present it in a visually appealing manner, your users will not stay long enough to appreciate it.
Must have content worth reading
A visually attractive website will stop your users from turning away. But once you have their attention, it's the quality of your content that will keep them on your site.
Information should be clear and concise
You've mapped out the design of your site to make it aesthetically appealing. You defined your content to provide your users with the information they need. Now, it's time to go back over your content and fine tune it to make sure your message is clear, concise and on-point. User's don't stay long on any one page on a website. Make sure you provide the needed information clearly without overloading the user with too many extra details. They will lose focus, stop reading and go somewhere else.
Use images...properly
A picture is worth a thousand words. Unless it's a horrible picture with low resolution, flashing, has a watermark from a 3rd party site across it or just doesn't have anything to do with the context of the content around it. Any images used on your site should follow a similar "look and feel" and adhere to an overall website strategy. Don't mix photographs with hand drawn images. Don't throw flashing gifs all over your site that will blind your users. Use high resolution so that the quality for pictures will be clear, but reduced to a size fit for viewing on the Internet so your pages don't take forever to load.
Design a straightforward navigation
A menu navigation that allows users to quickly access all areas of your website is extremely important. Use sub-menus sparingly.
"Contact Us" should work!
The quickest way to turn off potential new customers is to not give them a valid way to contact you.
Tell your story
Make your "About Us" section personal. Tell your story like you were talking to a friend. This is the history of your company, your values and why you do what you do. Use this to connect to your users on a personal level!
Helpful footer section
Your website's footer section is a great place to list out your site's most important links, provide links to all your social media accounts, provide a convenient "contact us" section as well as a summary of your company's "About Us" or mission statement.
Your website is finished. You have written and re-written your content. Your website images are all stunning. Everything is perfect. So now what? Now you need to drive traffic to your site. This is where specialized SEO services come in.